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Peter H. Beard – The End of the Game

Peter Hill Beard’s first book “The End of the Game” was published in 1965 by Viking Press, N.Y. and marks an unusual handling of the artist and photographer with the book as medium in our field of photo books. In the book, the destruction of wild Africa is documented with for this time very untypical color images, but as well with classic black and white photography. Complex additional informations complement these haunting realized mostly with borderless image sequences within chapters, connected by self-written text material on leading autobiographical notes and illustrations. So Beard achieved a book of high complexity and informative and aesthetic sustainability, that is rarely seen with the typical U.S. American photographer books.


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Danny Lyon – The Bikeriders

The book ‘The Bikeriders ” is the first book by Danny Lyon, published in 1968. This compact sized paper back is extremely atypical layouted  for a for U.S. photo book since it unites not only an extensive series of black and white photographs, but also a extensive body of authentic experienced reports by Lyons himself. He had been connected for a period of his life with gangs of outlaws as “american cyclists” and took photographs as social part of those. The extension of the  photographic series with autonomous text is up to this time extremely unusual for the american photo book and can be seen as a typical invention of 1968 generation of photographers, who have sought for a coherent form within the medium book.


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Jens Liebchen – 2011/03/13 Tsukuba-Narita

This small-sized book with photographs from Jens Liebchen describes the departure from Japan after the tsunami and during the disaster at Fukushima on March 13th, 2011. He photographed during the bus ride to the airport and its departure to Germany in casual pictures an inventory, which focuses on the limits of the medium  photography. In his images neither the devastation, the floods nor the radiation is to be seen, just everyday situations. A disturbing resting normal state is transmitted in an almost cinematic image sequence on the book. In borderless full formats, always on the right page the  escape from the disaster is almost set as the flipbook.


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