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Duane Michals – A Visit with Magritte by Duane Michals

The small-sized paperback book represents a series of photographs Michals took in 1965 at a visit at Magrittes house. The book is published in 1981 and is with its film-like scale image sequences typical for him and can be seen as a tribute to the famous painter now deceased. The book passes the readability to a extremely variant compilation of  photographs, just interrupted by a short autobiographical note.  The series consist of time typical bw-photographs, also extended with exceptional color photographs in highly variant sizes. Typical for Michael’s entire oeuvre is this sequencing of images and as well the double or multiple exposure technic. It is meant to be an appropriate form to search Magrittes surreal world  in the context of the photo image. In this book an unusually consistent piece of work for Michals, were he uses the book medium as to be an individual art form.


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