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Gaylord Oscar Herron – Vagabond

The large-format square book was published in 1975 and is one of the early US-American publications that have left the common path of typical single monographic picture albums aware. The so-called ”1968-generation” was looking for ways to charge up complex structures and above all, individual experiences with the visual medium of photography to make comprehensible. These primarily served the medium of the book, but it was next found on the film. One of the important early publications in this context is the here presented book. In the compilation of the photographs, with its complex layout and in the extension with documentary material, a novel narrative structure of the book was found. One of the pioneers of this contextualizing narrative book conception is Robert Frank’s “The Lines of My Hand” from 1971.


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Lee Friedlander – Flowers and Trees

The Book Flowers and Trees by Lee Friedlander corresponds in essential aspects to the typical US-American photo book of the 1960 to 1980 years. Friedlander is one of the most important photographers of this period, a time in which the medium reached its preliminary highlights especially in the US with “photographic art” recognition, which was not already an obvious reception as a part of the visual arts. In its clear commitment to the book as a standalone presentation medium for photography and with his variety of “self-published books” he is one the few pioneers of today’s scene. The majority of his early books were created so without there has been for a term. His unusual fondness for the tactile qualities of the book body, for matte uncoated papers and for complex multitone-printing of his monochrome prints found in the cooperation with the printer Richard Benson also repeatedly highlights that was seminal for the history of the visual medium. The book published in 1981 represents in complex processes, an image album of frames in a conservative layout (if one can speak of it). By complex made ring binding in unusual colors of the canvas covers, the album character is marked by “solitary” frames. Although the book corresponds to the smallest way our current research claim. Anyway, books of Friedlander must nevertheless remain part of the debate about the photo book today.


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